Thursday, 4 February 2010

Pickle was a bit of a poorly boy yesterday and the night before last; we should have guessed something was up when he did a particularly ripe ammonia fart underneath our bed. Nice. Well, he had a nasty dose of Labrador tummy – something that seems to strike him from time to time for no obvious reason (other than him being a walking garbage guzzler). I took the morning off work to look after him and realised that he must be feeling better when he pretended there was someone at the front door and promptly swiped a batch of uncooked oatcakes off the table while I was distracted! Are all Labradors that crafty?

He is feeling much better now though and this evening he has been "helping" me bake in the kitchen....or wishing he was allowed to, as I was making chocolate cake – most definitely forbidden food for dogs. Bad luck Pickle!

He still managed to get his nose on to the table while he thought I had my back turned and had a quick hoover of some spilled flour and sugar.

Oh Pickle, you're such a naughty boy!

1 comment:

  1. No, Pickle is a helpful boy by helping you clean up the kitchen floors. That's what we dogs do best!
    Lucy the Lab